Kitchen Remodel


We like to think of the kitchen as the heart of the home. The kitchen is not only where you cook your family meals, but also where you create holiday memories, help your kids with their homework, and more often than not, it’s where the party mingles before dinner is served.  We help you with all aspects of the remodeling process. From demolition to finish we have your kitchen covered!

Bathroom Remodel


What is more relaxing than a day at the spa? It’s time to bring the spa home with a tranquil bathroom remodel. Relax and enjoy some peace and quiet in a large soaking tub, end your day in a hot steam shower, or take some you time and lavish in a facial at your new vanity. Your bathroom should be a place to unwind, and we want to help you relax.

Fireplace Remodel


Nothing is more comfortable on a cold winter night then gathering around the fireplace. The fireplace is a symbol of warmth and light, a place to linger around on a romantic evening or a place to gather around and enjoy the company of friends. Whether you need an exterior facelift or a complete chimney remodel, we are experts in designing a fireplace that will fit with your décor and vision of your home. 

Wine Cellars


Everyone knows the *pop* of a wine bottle being corked. That sound accompanies weddings, birthdays, parties, or just a casual night with friends and family. Wine is a staple for many celebrations and wine connoisseurs need more than just an extra refrigerator to display their collection. We agree that great wine is an art and should be kept in an optimal environment to preserve its virtuosity.

Handyman Services


When you have a leaky toilet, a door off its hinges, or are just in need of some general maintenance it’s good to have a trusted handyman you can call. Handyman Services are the building blocks in which Smith & Company Remodeling was formed and we take pride in continuing this work throughout the Bay Area. 

Design Services


Not quite ready for the remodel, but want to start planning? We offer design services that will help you put your thoughts on paper. We will help you with the concepts and development of your design and in the end you will have a permittable set of plans that are ready when you are.