Our Process


Complimentary Consultation

Start by calling our office to make an appointment. Then we will come to your home and review your project.

Design Agreement

After reviewing your project, if you decide we are a good fit for you we will send you a design agreement. Upon your approval we will get the process started!

Design Process

This is roughly a 30 day process where we measure your space, draw up plans, and work with you to get all aspects of the project nailed down.

Design Meeting

After a progress meeting during the design phase we will set up a final design meeting where we present to you your final plans and our proposal for the work.

Construction Agreement

After reviewing our proposal, if you would like to move forward with us as your contractor we will send you a contract to move forward into the construction phase.

Bringing Your Design to Life

The construction phase is where the magic happens! Here is where all the design work pays off and we leave you with a finished space for you to enjoy for years to come.